Server Notes

WWM Server Installation Notes

1. Unpack the Server Box.
2. Rez the server on your sim . The server will ask you for debit permissions which must be granted to run the server.
-. ( Do not worry. The server will only take money from your account if you or other residents pay the object and rent event was successfully processed by the web server!!!)
3. After initialization a text should appear over the server object Region xxxxxx in universe xx Inactive. Pay the object to activate.
4. Pay the minimum amount of money (Rent for 1 month) or more to the server object.
5. Server text changes color to green and displays( Region xxxxxx in universe (xx)Active until Sun xx Feb xxxx xx:xx:xx GMT).

WWM Server Functions

1. GetItemBox = Delivers the newest version of WWM RP objects.
2. ResetServer = Resets the WWM Server.
3. Validate = Checks if the maximal amount of rezed RP objects in the region is not exceeded. If true the needless RP objects will be deactivated.
-. This check is also processed just after you rez a new RP object.
4. Reset = Allows to reset the RP objects rezed on the region.
5. GetPos = Displays the position of selected RP object group by printing a teleport surl in owner chat.

WWM RP Objects Installation Notes

1. Click the server object and select GetItemBox in the following menu.
2. Unpack the RP object box.
3. Rez the RP objects on the region. ( RP Objects will only initialize if the WWM Server is running )

WWM Server ERROR Handling

1. Region already exists in the database and is owned by XXXXXX (Contact P373R Kappler)
2. Inactive. Another Server is already running on this sim (Click replace in menu or just delete the new object if you want to keep the old server)
3. UNEXPECTED ERROR (Contact P373R Kappler)

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