Inventory Info

The meter have a integrated coin system.
This means you are able to buy and sell items or pay characters .
Your character earn the basic part of coins by collecting in world items ,producing and selling them to other players or npcs.

The meter is able to take virtual items in its own inventory . Those items can be used on your own character or to interact with in world objects .
The items can be collected while sitting on scripted objects , by clicking them , purchasing from NPC´s (Non Player Character) for coins or producing them by your self.
To access the inventory just click on the icons on top of the hud and select a item from the item group deciding in following menus what to do with the selected item.


WW->Blacksmith (Weapons / Bars)
WW->Innkeeper (Food)
WW->Merchant (Trading of useful stuff)

To buy something from such bot click the npc and select the item in following menu. Have you chosen a wrong items just click again and reset .
After you have selected the right item click on the coin button on your meter hud and pay the right amount or more coins to the npc.
By paying enough money the npc will deliver the item to your meter which is indicated in the chat with( your name takes 1 item name).
In case you have paid more money then the cost of the item the npc will return the rest of your money after the transaction .

The bots are also able to buy items but only those which are listed in their inventory . To do so just select the item in your HUD inventory and give it to the bot.
He will pay you 90% of the item price or not accept the item if it is not in the bots item list.
Important!! The bots will reset them self if you go away more then 5 meters and use them more then 5 minutes .


WW->Alligator ( Guards some areas and can be tricked out by giving him some flesh. Attacks with 50% max life damage per strike)
WW->Scorpion ( Guards some areas and can be tricked out by giving him a Lizard. Attacks with 50% max life damage per strike)
WW->Bison ( Can be trapped by giving him a trap and gives to the player some item. Attacks with 100% max life damage per strike )


WW->Furnace (Is able to melt ores to bars and produce other items)
WW->WorkBench(Is able produce tools and other useful objects )
WW->KitchenDesk (Is able to produce food and mixtures)

To use such item click on it. A menu will appear with item names you will be able to produce .
By clicking the item name in menu you can see what you need to produce the item on the hover text of the object.
If you have all items you need for specified item , give them to the object clicking on the hud and sending them to the given object.
If the right amount of items you need for it is in the object you will receive the item and get some items returned if you have inserted to much inside .
Important!!! Moving away more then 5 meter from the object will reset it and return inserted items to your inventory .


Cannabis ( Hanf )
Helleborus ( Helleborus )
Arnica ( Arnica )
Mushroom ( Pilz )
Tomato ( Tomate )
Apple ( Apfel )
Wood ( Holz )
Water ( Wasser )

Fishing ( Angeln )
Milking ( Melken )
Iron Ore ( Eisen )
Coal Ore ( Kohle )
Tin Ore ( Zink )
Copper Ore ( Kupfer )
Silver Ore ( Silber )
Gold Ore ( Gold )

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